We are excited to have our next post from a male member of the Women in Business Club, Juan Villanueva Baygual.


Men in the Women in Business club: Amazing, right? Why would a guy care about it? What is he doing there? Is he looking to have a laugh? Or simply looking to meet someone?

Those are actually real questions that come up. Usually together with laughs and maybe one or two out of the blue jokes that might not be too suitable for the moment or for the situation. True.

Wednesdays are the days the WIB club gathers to have a chat around lunch. I was invited to join and I did: I sincerely think that I need to get to know about this issue. That day’s topic spoke for itself: Unconscious Gender Bias in Speech. However, the two guys in the table, correct me if I am wrong, actually thought it was more important to address a slightly different topic: Unconscious Gender Bias in general.

If we start fighting an unconscious gender bias, the rest of actions would logically follow up, or so we believe. But fight a bias? No! It is not a matter of fighting or of creating sides. On the contrary. This is no battle between feminists and men. Women against history. Right against wrong.

It is a way, a path, a route we have to take, of opening our eyes (as men) to be able and willing to learn about a reality that is happening in the 21st century.

I sincerely believe that men in Spain (I speak of what I know) can be biased because of our history and because of our culture. I am not blaming anybody and do not wish to do so: I don’t think to blame someone or something gets us anywhere. What I truly believe is that there is an unnatural or unconscious bias in us that we have to overcome.

Initially I mentioned we had to fight against unconscious bias; but what if instead of fighting, we think about listening, about noticing things and giving importance to unfair treatments and comments that happen around us. What if, instead of fighting, we focus on granting opportunities, on not judging people for the clothes they wear, and not assuming if a certain outfit has an intention. What if, instead of fighting, we focus on accepting and promoting?

Let’s all try it together, as persons. This is not a fight but an opportunity that we all have to deal together because some of us are not being treated equally. That is the reality. And sometimes we, men, are not aware of it, or decide to ignore it for some reason…

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  1. Thank you Juan for standing behind the cause and supporting the cause! It is a huge issue that the world still fails to understand the importance of having MEN join the movement. It’s shocking how womens’ struggles in the workforce are still considered by many as their own problem that they need to sort out on their own. Men are part of the problem and they need to be involved in the conversation for change to happen!

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