Roxanne and Nesi work together as part of the marketing team for WIB. Here they share their thoughts about their experience working together and why they are excited for the WIB Conference coming up on February 6th.

  1. What has been your experience working together?

Rox: I was very happy to have Nesi as the first year director helping me with marketing. From the beginning I could tell that he was very passionate about the cause of gender equality and was eager to help. He set up weekly meetings for us so he keeps me on track!

Nesi: It is great! I love Rox’s attitude toward gender equality (toward life in general) and believe that our different backgrounds make our conversations very interesting. For me, she is a great person to learn from, Rox has a vast knowledge backed with humbleness and patience.

  1. Is there something that surprised you in the mixed gender work?

Rox: During our first meeting together, when I explained the scope of the marketing team and how many hours I usually dedicated per week, Nesi said something like – I don’t want to do it unless I dedicate a few hours per week to it, otherwise it’s not worth it. This further showed me his dedication and drive to improve gender equality at IESE.

Nesi: Rox is a very friendly and easy to get along with kind of person BUT, she doesn’t compromise when it comes to her values. I remember two situations when her energy shifted and I was surprised because although it was necessary, it’s not easy. It definitely had a stronger impact.

  1. What are the advantages of working in a mixed gender group vs same gender?

Rox: Nesi brings a unique perspective that I would not think of otherwise. Sometimes I can be very firm in my opinions and not understand the other perspective. Working with someone from the opposite gender challenges me to consider different ways of thinking and to put myself in the other person’s shoes. He was very helpful when I wrote my first post for the WIB blog as he encouraged me to consider what the reactions from men would be and anticipate their concerns and objections.

Nesi: In every decision-making process you want to be aware of a variety of views and I think that gender mix helps to reach unexpected points of view. I also enjoy the communication with Roxanne as I think that she now how to deliver her message in a very respective way and acknowledge the other’s position.

  1. Which situations/tasks do you enjoy the most from the mixed gender team?

Rox: I like to have brainstorming sessions with Nesi about new ideas for WIB marketing. It is fun to bounce ideas off each other and see what we can create together.

Nesi: I really enjoy when Rox and I represent the WiB in front of other students. Not only that It is fun to have her support and hear her insights, but also our combination as men and women gives us authenticity and credibility that we couldn’t get alone.

  1. What are you most excited about for the conference?

Rox: I am most excited about the breakout session “The Me in Team – Well-being in Organizations.” Professor Alberto Ribera is an expert in stress management and well-being. I am looking forward to see how his research supports the fact that self-care is important in the workplace for personal health and well-being, but also how that can contribute to better business results.

Nesi: I’m pretty interested in the policies session on how parental leave, flexible working hours and other policies can be used to promote women in business. As someone who wants to be an involved parent, I wonder how companies intend to make it easier for me and my partner.

  1. Why should everyone attend the WIB conference?

Rox: This year’s theme, “The Power of We – Why Gender Equality is Everyone’s Business” is very dear to me because it is clear that women cannot solve gender equality problems alone. We need men as allies so we can work together to balance the scales. There are many impactful speakers coming who will help us understand exactly how we can do that.

Nesi: Because it’s about you! As a woman who wants to have a successful business career or as a man who understands that this is not only your responsibility but also benefit, to have more gender equality in your working space and personal life.


Get your tickets to the WIB conference now! We are only a little over 1 week away!


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